Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mutants in Judy Garland Block

I've been working on a commission for another member of the 2000ad forum.
Ian Leonard asked if he could have a Johnny Alpha and Judge Dredd team-up, where those two bad boys were surrounded by mutants and zombies etc, but also including characters from the Wizard of Oz!

These are the cleaned up inks ready to colour.

The raw scan shows through where I've printed out a 'blue-line' version of my digital 'pencils'.

Here's a few stages of development, including the proposed dialogue on the first.

I feel like Johnny and Dredd should be saying something smart arse too, but inspiration is lacking on that front.


Craig Collins said...

Top class Kev, wonderful work.

Mr Toodle said...

It's looking amazing! I love all the characters, looking forward to seeing the colours.

Strontium71 said...

How about Alpha saying ' Well , Dredd - any ideas?'

matt dawson said...

You should be over the, moon.... with this one Kev! I really admire the guts and gusto you show, ploughing into such a complex crowd scene composition. You've really pulled it off in fine style. Love the flying monkey, goes without saying :-)

Strontium71 said...

Yeah , it does you credit , Kev. Hope Tharg likes it as much :)