Sunday, 8 May 2011

Tyranny Pin-up

I'm currently doing a Tyranny Rex commission. After Kapow, I was contacted by Rob Ellis, who is a bit of a Tyranny Rex fan.

Rob wanted me to do a commission for him, but asked if there was any way to break down the costs. I wanted to be as flexible as I could and so we agreed on a process that would involve him buying all the preparatory work as I do it.

These are my initial sketches, very loosely using 'Cheesecake' pin-ups as a starting point.

We've moved a little away from that initial concept now, to try tell more of a story... but I thought it was worth showing these quick process pieces.

I like the cheekiness of this final one, but hopefully we're working towards something that encompasses that and much more!

This week will be another slow one for the blog as I'll be preparing for Bristol Comic Convention - where hopefully there will be exciting developments - I'm only there on the Saturday, so if you see me streaking past in a blur, please stop me and say Hi!

Dependent upon what I can get sorted, I may post the next stage that Rob and I have agreed on before I dash out the door!


Rob E said...

Thanks so much for your excellent work

Gibson Quarter said...

Hey Kev...good stuff!

BTW, I really think pose #4 was working well.