Friday, 6 August 2010

The Red Dragon

Page 33 of Fractal Friction is up.

It features a massive Red Dragon... you know what to do!


Matt Soffe said...

Dude, this dragon rulz.

matt dawson said...

Great dragon design Kev... part ghostbusters terror dog, part dragon and you've managed to get human qualities in there too, well done you! By the by, congratulations on the big 3 0 0... quite a milestone (you've +80 on me, have to pull my blog socks up eh :) Nice female judge on the movie poster post too sir... great stance, crazy knees :)

Brine Blank said... if I don't have enough time I'm going to have to start searching through the 'you know what to do' because the initial glimpse has me intrigued...I must have missed something...great dragon and definitely a unique take...