Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Judge Dredd - Costume Concept

Since the end of last year there has been a lot of discussion on the 2000AD forums about the new Judge Dredd film that's in the works. Danny Boyle's DNA films are producing it, but he's got nothing to do with the actual filming.

I thought the 1995 film was poor and I am hoping for so much more this time around.

I've curbed my enthusiasm until now and have just done a quick little doodle of the sort of direction I hope they take Dredd's uniform in the film.

Nothing too drastic or original, a twist on the established look.

Just a bit more 'riot' style padding in the body suit - a gunslinger holster ala Han Solo, then, all black; kevlar, leather, carbonfibre & thick rubber on the pads & accessories etc.

With the uber-cool looking Watchmen on it's way, and the bar being set I think by Batman begins, the Dark Knight and the first outings of X-men and Spider-man - Dredd has some big boots to fill!


qualia said...

my, he looks the business! have you seen the trailer for watchmen? i've seen it at the cinema a couple of times now, and it looks like it will be quite something if they pull it off. dredd will have to be so much better than the last super-pants attempt.

Stephen Reid said...

Love it!