Monday 14 October 2013

Disconnected Press Volume 3.

My good friends at Disconnected Press asked me whether I'd be up for providing a cover for their third volume.

My answer was always going to be an emphatic yes (knowing those lovely people as I do) and above is a sneaky, hi-res crop from the very same!

This is a raw scan of my final 'inks', un-fiddled with and simply presented here to show my newer approach using watercolour, I think this method is helping to lift my inked line art and give it a bit more life!

Here also is the very, very rough concept art I sent Liz and Conor. I was surprised that they were happy enough to trust me to finish the cover art from this alone! If you'd like to see the final art to volume three, simply follow this: link!

The final art has been finished in photoshop, tinkering with the heart and adding colour to the figures.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this piece of work - and the stakes were high as the strip that it references has art by the incredibly talented Verity Glass. Who you should definitely check out.

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