Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cycle Lifestyle

I was recently asked to provide cover art for Cycle Lifestyle, it's a free magazine that offers Londoners a positive alternative to the normal news-stand doom and gloom. A magazine designed to inspire more people to cycle...

Cycle Lifestyle’s editor, Ben Irvine, sums up the project in this way:
“If someone offered to pay you to start each working day feeling livelier, fitter and less stressed, of course you’d say ‘yes please’. We’re hoping that our magazine will let many more commuters in on the deal: reaping the rewards of free and stress-free travel in London”.

Given the current weather conditions this art seems somehow a lot more relevent than it did when I was producing it!

1 comment:

matt dawson said...

Warm glow inducing stuff sir... great choice of background colour and effects, gives real IMPACT!